Logos aren’t all about business. Sometimes they celebrate one of the most important days in two people’s lives. Brides and grooms-to-be are discovering that a logo can bring the personal, cohesive touch they want for their wedding.

What is a wedding logo?

A wedding logo is a unique symbol that represents your wedding day and your new life as a married couple. It’s a popular way to tie together wedding decorations and keepsakes, like your invitations, reception decor and photo album. Wedding logos are often stylized combinations of the happy couple’s names or initials, and sometimes feature additional design embellishments.

bayeux tapestry
The Bayeux Tapestry shows soldiers carrying shields with coats of arms. Notice how the guys without these fancy shields are getting stabbed much more than the others. If that’s not an argument as to why you need a wedding logo I don’t know what is! Via Wikimedia.

“Logo” sounds modern, but using a symbol to represent an individual or family dates back for centuries. The first record of heraldic coats of arms appears on the Bayeux Tapestry, from the 11th century. Medieval warriors carried decorations on their shield that were uniquely designed for them. Some coats of arms have been passed down as a proud symbol of a family’s heritage.

Monograms and other ciphers have also been in fashion for a long time, especially with royalty. (Monograms are letters that fuse so they share a side. Ciphers layer or intertwine letters.) The Victorians, though, were the first to turn monograms into a fad. One grumpy Victorian writer wondered if “monogramaniacs” would start tattooing them on their foreheads!

Modern wedding logos tend to fall into one of two camps: timeless or timely. Timeless logos are all about symbolizing the couple as a unit. Monograms and family crest-inspired designs are popular. Creating a symbol together might even be a unique alternative to sharing a last name (20% of women keep their maiden names after they marry). Timely logos put more emphasis on featuring the wedding itself. They might add details that tie into a theme (like antlers for a rustic wedding) or use portraits to capture the couple at this point in their life together.

timeless wedding logo
Tess et Kendall ont choisi un logo intemporel pour représenter leur union. Réalisé par blancetnoire.
ranch wedding logo
Paul et Nicole, au contraire, ont opté pour un logo spécialement créé pour leur mariage, qui s’est déroulé dans un ranch. Réalisé par Painted Pony Studios.

Wedding logo design ideas

Browse any wedding website, and you’ll come across ideas for themed weddings. Mason jars, wildflowers, and fairy lights pop up for rustic, DIY weddings. Other brides might imagine an Old Hollywood wedding with feathers, gold, and finger waves. Couples who plan on including a theme may want their logo to tie it all together. Art Deco geometrics or whimsical typography can be fun ways to capture the feel of the party.

simple modern wedding logo
Un logo de mariage simple et moderne. Réalisé par Pikis pour WILLIAM 8.
classic initial cipher for a couple
Les initiales entremêlées — le grand classique du logo intemporel. Réalisé par CityX.
fun wedding logo
Votre logo peut également illustrer la personnalité de votre couple. Réalisé par SHANAshay pour MsSparkle.

Maybe your wedding “theme” is as simple as, “Ashley and Matt get married.” Plenty of couples don’t feel drawn to a particular wedding style. A wedding logo can add a unifying touch to decor. Logos look great on invitations and programs, or details like engraved cufflinks or a wedding topper. One bride who worked with 99designs wanted to slip a surprise logo in on the bottoms of her shoes!

Whether your wedding is formal or laid-back, a wedding logo can be a way to show your personality. It can add a chic touch to a menu or favors. You can use it as an alternative to a guestbook by printing it on a poster and encouraging guests to add advice for a happy marriage. Couples with a dramatic flair use a spotlight to shine their wedding logo on the dance floor, and temporary tattoos can be a fun addition to a photo booth.

pineapple wedding invite
Personnalisez vos invitations avec le logo de votre mariage. Via Nico and Lala.
wedding logo on beer
Les Fifer ont fait faire des bouteilles de bière avec leur logo. Réalisé par cargarr pour fifer.matt.
wedding sign
Ne perdez pas vos invités en route en indiquant le chemin de la fête avec votre logo. Via Style Me Pretty.
customized wedding lights for dance floor
Projetez votre logo sur le dancefloor avec un jeu de lumière. Via mdm entertainment.
wedding logo on a cake
Vous cherchez un gâteau original? Via Eatsleepcake.
wedding coffee cups
Des tasses de café avec votre logo pour le réveil difficile après la fête. Via arnhemsmeisje.nl.
wedding corn hole boards
Une boîte à souvenirs avec le logo de votre mariage pour célébrer ce jour inoubliable. Via OV Cornhole.
wedding temporary tattoo
Faites faire des tatouages (permanent ou pas !) avec votre logo. Via Kristen McGillivray.

Happily ever after

A wedding lasts a day, but true love lasts a lifetime. So why not choose a design that will work after the last guests have gone home? A wedding logo can add a romantic touch to your first home as a married couple.

monogramed pillowcases
via idreamingoldshop on etsy

The most traditional way to use your design is for art and other keepsakes. Your initials can look lovely hanging in a frame over the mantel, or on the cover of your wedding album. A necklace with a monogram pendant or an engraved watch can become a family heirloom.

If you love the idea of incorporating this reminder of your wedding into everyday life, go big! Pillowcases or towels printed with an oversized monogram are playful and tongue-in-cheek. Stamping your wedding logo on a table runner or 3D printing it into a centerpiece can make every meal you share together a little more romantic.

Couples who prefer a subtler approach can find plenty of ways to slip their wedding logo in for special moments. Hang a custom ornament in your Christmas tree. Engrave your logo on a cake server (maybe the one you’ll use at your wedding) so every birthday reminds you of the first cake you cut together. If you picked a simple design, your wedding logo might be lovely engraved on the inside of your wedding rings.

Where can I get a wedding logo?

You’ve got a few options to commission a wedding logo. Vendors on Etsy offer all kinds of wedding services. If you hunt around, you may find an artist that matches your taste. Some specialty wedding businesses will also design a logo for you.

Engaged couples also work with 99designs for wedding logos. We’ve celebrated understated elegance and bubbly fun. You can even invite us after the wedding is over, like the couple who asked for a customized thank-you note. When you’re planning a wedding, having choices is important. We love it when one of our designers connects with the bride and groom’s vision for their day. There’s no better logo than one that celebrates enduring love.