"Wow!!! Oh my God! Oh my God!" is what I said when I saw Deni K's submission. I'm not kidding you! He nailed the website design on the first try! To say he is talented would be an understatement so allow me to explain.

Deni was able to read and interpret my aesthetics from sample style files I attached + the sample of the websites I liked.

Stylistically, I consider myself a picky customer with exacting standards and a very strong sense of aesthetics. Many of the other designers who attempted the project was able to get one or two aspects of it but Deni nailed them all! Not only that, he also brought new ideas to the table that I wasn't even quite able to articulate. That's really what you are looking for in a great designer -- help you express things you didn't even know you wanted, BEYOND what you can articulate, and once you see it you KNOW it's right.

Now to the customer service part. I had a slightly different design in mind when I started the project. After I saw Deni's design, I still wondered what it would look like if it more closely expressed the idea I had. He was able to render that exact design with some communication back and forth. In the end, when I looked at both designs side-by-side, I ended up liking what Deni came up with a lot better.

So we went back to his original design and did many more small tweaks and adjustments until I was 100% ecstatic with the final design. Throughout the process, Deni was very patient and super responsive. This is my first time using 99Designs so I wasn't familiar with every part of the process. Deni was very patient with a few of my stumbles.

Look, do yourself a favor, hire him by all means! I can't recommend him highly enough! I'm actually planning my next project with Deni as we speak.

Review by anonymous client

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