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Enticing website needed for a unique mobile word game

After the contest, dealing with grvsaini was unpleasant. We tried to talk on Skype, but his English was terrible (he's in New Delhi) and we had to abandon that in favor of texting. He pestered me frequently to give him more money to turn his design into a WordPress site, asking $2200 for a very simple site. When I found out that he had used a lot of unoriginal artwork I asked for a list of images and their sources, but he refused, giving me only links to sources. Many of these were collections, so it was up to me to go through the collections to try to discover which image was the one he picked. He did not know about how to provide suitable attributions for free images. His set of links was flawed and not every link worked. I'm now sorry that I awarded him the winning design.

Review by Mazie
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