Illustrated, fun, modern, cartoon style logo for couple traveling in a fifth wheel with truck

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Pandalf was in at the beginning of our contest with a very good design and really made the hardest element of our design work. (A map of North America that looks like an RV trailer being towed.) His design had a more realistic element than the fun, colorful cartoon style we described in our brief, and as such we almost did not pick his design. Toward the end of our contest he asked what was lacking and whether he could improve anything... I told him we were looking for more color and mountains similar to where we live. Well, he came back with mountains we loved, and eye popping color. We tossed out a design challenge about halfway through our contest and he gave us an element that we absolutely love... something that shows we're from Canada and the United States without hitting us over the head with flags. His illustrative work is clean and more toward realism than cartoon, which is why I invited him to join our project. Pandalf was incredibly quick in providing us with our files and exactly what we asked for. I'm sure he would be great for any project you have!

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