Develop a logo for OnYourGame that arouses curiousity, personal empowerment, and playfulness!

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In full disclosure, we chose to employ an online design contest as a last resort because we weren't having any luck sourcing a designer who fit our budget. While we didn't expect much, we remained optimistic. Pleasantly surprised doesn't cover the experience we've had...

We were concerned that we'd have little interest from quality designers given that we had an existing logo design that needed new life breathed into it given our change in demographics, rather than this being an original design that designers could sink their teeth into. We were proven wrong. 99 Designs delivered up quality designers, with an easy, seamless experience for us, that shifted our perception of this business model.

The real juice for us was our designer...Bizi (Dana). She's an absolute pro! And we must share, one of the most pleasant professional experiences we've had in our 30 years as social-preneurs! She took our former logo design for our budding new project, incorporated our explicit directives, employed her creative juices and delivered up an identity that completely nails the message of our brand...curiosity, personal empowerment and playfulness. Honestly, it added fuel to our fire! We really felt Bizi went above and beyond what one might expect from this experience, as she graciously reworked our design until it resonated completely for us; with such patience, passion and good cheer we might add. Without a doubt, we'll be working with her again in the future and will continue to recommend her to everyone we know who's in need of design work. Fabulous job Bizi...thank you for being you and sharing your incredible talent with us!

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