If you’re searching for someone to assist you with design needs, there are three great reasons to choose Sally to help you succeed.

First, she is communicative. The success of your project requires a dialogue. Sally took my comments in stride and kept me informed as she worked to develop an initial concept into better realty. There was never a feeling as though there wasn’t a line of communication between the two of us.

Second, chances are that you are not a designer, but Sally is. She can look several steps ahead, help you avoid design mistakes, and bring the best out of your design. I felt as though she was totally on board with the project.

Third and finally, Sally possesses tremendous artistic skill. I imagine that in some cases, you will find someone who will implement exactly what you tell them and nothing more. Essentially, they manipulate software on your behalf because you don’t have it or don’t know how to use it. With Sally, each idea came back better - with better colors, better shapes, and better questions to help me refine my design.

If/when I have future design needs, I will not hesitate to come back to Sally. I would recommend her services to my friends, and I would recommend them to you.

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