Design a movie poster for the short film "The Shooting Gallery"
Design a movie poster for the short film "Marshmallow"
Design a poster for the short film "Nailed"
Design a movie poster for the short film "The Case of the Missing Case"
Film Poster for 90minute Steampunk Movie
Hello Silvia Poster
Poster Design for private cinema
Design a new poster for a successful American feature film
Classical circus poster for a ten year anniversary show
A good poster for a good comedy!
Create a Compelling Poster to Keep Employees Safe
Neo-Noir Movie Poster Design


I have been dabbling in Graphic Designing for friends, community organisations and school programs for a number of years now. I learned from every projects I had made, met designers, clients, front-end developers, and people with creative minds. I love minimal designs, geometric shapes, typography and the challenge of taking contest holders imaginations and try to make the design of their dreams!

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"Thank you so much for your hard work and great design! I ran two polls for the first and last rounds. Yours was voted the highest on both. Great job!"
Profile picturejohnaldo
"Amazing designer!"
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"It was great working with Erudite” again. This is a gifted designer who is able to follow the specificities of your design concept, while raising the vision to another level of excellence and creativity. Thank you for another outstanding design. "
Profile picturewellspokeninc
"Goes above and beyond. Excellent work."
Profile pictureWill411
"Always a pleasure working with Erudite. "
Anonymous client
"Excellent design skills with a strong understanding of branding. Truly brilliant work."
Profile pictureWill411
"It was great working with Erudite” on another project. As previously, I was very pleased with his ability to fully understand and fulfill my request for the project. The level of skill and creativity is very impressive and he completed the job in a time..."
Profile picturewellspokeninc
"Very quick response and made it super easy! Thank you so much!"
Profile picturebnelson0
"Always a pleasure working with Erudite. "
Anonymous client
"Awful experience. It took the designer, on average, 24 hours to reply. It was almost 5 full days before I got a simple revision done, pushing this way past my deadline. Then, he wouldn’t provide the 3D render (that is shown in the contest, and that ever..."
Anonymous client
"Nailed it based on the initial brief and with very little feedback necessary -it’s like they were reading my mind"
Anonymous client
"Great Work, loved the process"
Anonymous client
"Brilliant design - exactly what I was looking for."
Profile picturetheo.silberston
"Erudite created an amazing design and was super easy to work with. We are thrilled with our finished work. "
Profile picturejenfossell
"Thank you so much erudite, please accept these dollars in token of your patient skill and labor!"
Anonymous client
"Great design, every edit I asked was accomplished. Very happy!"
Profile picturejoeybl
"The poster has style! Erudite was quick and did a very good job on not-so-easy requests - (a confocal microscope is not something you design everyday I guess). I liked his cheerfulness. Will contact again!"
Profile picturea.egron
"Great designer, very professional and always meets the deadline! cheers"
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"Erudite is great to work with! Understood the brief perfectly and were quick to make changes. Cheers!"
Profile picturemarketing.creative
"A true artist. Love working with Erudite!"
Anonymous client
"Fast turnaround. Great job. "
Profile picturelogo43
"Love working with Erudite."
Anonymous client
"The designer took initiative and clearly understood the tone I was looking for and it really shows in the design. Better than I could have imagined. "
Profile picturelogo43
"Thanks for your work"
Profile picturebitcoinpuppies
"Great work, very thoughtful and professional. "
Profile pictureevanoT
"I was immediately struck by this design and the way in which it captured the brief. "
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"Erudite" did a masterful job on my CD design project. He is a very skillful and intuitive designer. He has great sense of aesthetics and color choices, which made the design really spectacular! It was a pleasure working with him. He was very responsive ..."
Profile picturewellspokeninc
"Amazing designer and great to work with"
Anonymous client
"Great job, followed the brief to a T and was responsive and patient with my many revisions!"
Anonymous client
"Erudite" was very easy to work with. Very responsive to my specific request. Skillfully improved my initial concept. A real professional, confident, and competent designer. Thank you. "
Profile picturewellspokeninc
"Erudite swiftly had the instinct to discern the overall design concept that my project sought to achieve. The accurate interpretation and prompt response to my specific request helped this designer win the day! Thank you very much for your captivating d..."
Profile picturewellspokeninc
"Outstanding creativity. We had a lot of talented artists in this contest, but Erudite's submissions stood out above the rest!"
Profile pictureBcooper1
"Work on time and with exquisite details and creativity. Erudite is a true professional! I'll use him again for my next book."
Profile picturejcpaulino
"Bon travail soigné et rapide"
Profile picturelionelflips
"Excellent designer!"
Anonymous client
"Design was amazing. However Erudite did not address one of my requests even though I requested it multiple times."
Anonymous client
"pretty easy to work with, can read your mind. "
Profile pictureSonnyug
"Erudite has a great taste and works quickly and customer oriented. Thanks to Erudite, my single can go online before the year ends. Happy New Year to you all!"
Profile pictureMaciekN
"Erudite" has provided the first interesting design and a one that I completely felt in love with! Excelent! Thank You!"
Profile pictureMaciekN
"Always a pleasure working with Erudite."
Profile picturerich 8L
"Always a pleasure working with Erudite."
Profile picturerich 8L
"Awesome working with Erudite!"
Profile picturerich 8L
"Great experience and very professional!! "
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"Erudite's cover design was a perfect fit for my story, and was very responsive to updates in the brief as the contest went along."
Profile pictureJon DeLeon
"Speedy and professional! A class act."
Profile picturejcpaulino
"This designer is great. Creative. Professional."
Profile picturepeterson x
"I loved the process... The designer was a true professional and delivered a creative and unique idea for my book cover! Thanks,"
Profile picturejcpaulino
"Very clever design that met the requirements in the brief. It was a clear winner in the contest."
Profile picturepeterson x
"The designer was very responsive and submitted in a timely fashion. "
Profile picturedennise.webley
"Excellent work! Very easy to communicate and make changes--highly recommended! "
Anonymous client
"TOP! We love the book cover!"
Profile pictureofficeib
"My design is amazing. It is definitely one of a kind. I cannot wait to see my book in print with this fabulous cover celebrating my completion of my first novel."
Profile picturejamielsnow
"Very quick response and it turned out great! Thank you!"
Profile picturebnelson0
"I am thrilled with the book cover Erudite has created. It is EXACTLY what I was hoping for and he was amazing to work with. He always responded very quickly and understood what I was asking for. Highly recommended!"
Profile pictureLeighrobshaw
"Talented artist, highly responsive to feedback, pleasure working with Erudite"
Profile picturethepostnyc
"Very quick to make changes and did a great job overall. "
Profile picturebscraig02
"Was a very creative design and i think it will be an eye catching advertisement for our company."
Profile pictureRlyN1N
"Great at taking feedback and implementing notes. Very professional. "
Anonymous client
"Great work! Looks beautiful! Would work with again."
Anonymous client
"Worked well updating design based on my feedback and customizing for my preferences. Thank you for your hard work!"
Profile pictureDaniel G.
"Great collaborator! "
Profile pictureismagom7
"Excellent designer. Followed all instructions and created a beautiful movie poster for us."
Anonymous client
"Thanks, great job!"
Profile pictureTunca S.r.l.
"The work was perfect from the first shot, only one minor revision. "
Profile pictureiXYu
"Been a pleasure!"
Profile picturerich 8L
"Always a pleasure working with Erudite."
Profile picturerich 8L
"Always a pleasure with Erudite."
Profile picturerich 8L
"Awesome working with Erudite."
Profile picturerich 8L
"Great fun working with Erudite."
Profile picturerich 8L
"Fun working with Erudite."
Profile picturerich 8L
"Great time working with Erudite."
Anonymous client
"Great work from Erudite."
Anonymous client
"Great work. Understands easily what the client wants and easily executes feedback. Communication is perfect. Professional, fast, and skilled."
Anonymous client
"Really enjoying the work with Erudite. "
Profile picturerich 8L
"Made all of the necessary changes and did a tremendous job. Recommend."
Anonymous client
"Great job. Super unique, cool style. Designer was flexible and responsive. Love the end result."
Profile picturemattcasa
"Beautiful work - nice, clean concepts. Highly recommend"
Anonymous client
"Excellent design. Work was very relevant to the business and the brief provided."
Anonymous client
"This designer was very creative. Most went for the standard cliche for security (locks, shields, hacker in hoodie), this designer read the brief and the training we were creating the poster for and came up with a great movie poster spoof. We didn't even..."
Profile picturepeterson x
"Excellant postcard create for MSP business. Loved the out of the box images, the content and the layout. The postcard is strictly a branding postcard with no call to action, but this should be a great way to keep our name and services in front of pr..."
Anonymous client
"Great work, very fast"
Profile picturezVl
"Beautiful design! Thank you!"
Profile picturedrkowens
"Every entry from Erudite was well composed and matched our expectations very well. The proactive iterations based on our l8mited creative input were outstanding. The creative talent is undeniable and Erudite is a true pleasure to work with. "
Profile pictureFoundersFight.Club
"Great designs, standing out through unique design. Great communication, help and revision of the project!"
Profile pictureWir von Hier
"Perfect design for our project, original and consistent with our requirements, professionally made and delivered in the same manner."
Profile picture(-Mars-)
"Really great representation of design goals with a perfect concept of our campaign. Nice artwork and response time. Appreciate the great work."
Anonymous client
"Erudite came up with a very creative design that caught our attention right away and separated itself from the competition. "
Profile pictureinfoc5z
"Everything about Erudite" was tranquil, to the point, and brilliant: the communication, the interpretation of my brief, and the final output! Also very fast and efficient. It was a pleasure to see my idea translating into a beautiful poster. Thank you s..."
Anonymous client
"Thank you for great design! His response is quick, accurate and has sense."
Profile pictureryo@achilleasoft
"Awesome design! Everything was perfect! Super fast and professional! "
Profile picturematteo.mignola
"Erudite did a great job responding to our brief and incorporating changes during the contest. We are thrilled with the final artwork and can't want to launch our event using it!"
Profile picturebnelson0
"great design, colours, turn around, perfect"
Profile picturekristian.green
"colour combination , layout, easy of reading, its all perfect thanks erudite"
Profile picturekristian.green
"great colours, great design, easy to read and get the message, great work Erudite!"
Profile picturekristian.green
"Amazing work, quick turnover and great overall taste for taste and colour combinations"
Profile picturekristian.green
"Great Job, thank u!"
Profile picturej.jansenI
"Great designs, followed brief."
Anonymous client
"Great design, followed brief."
Anonymous client
"was happy to make changes to achieve a great end result"
Profile picturekristian.green
"Quick to enter the competition with a good design, when i asked for changes i got good solutions and the outcome looked great"
Profile picturesirkusislands
"really fast to implement changes and creative ideas for marketing material "
Profile picturejessicaMX
"He was very good at understanding the changes I wanted had a super quick turnaround - highly recommended!"
Profile picturegeorgethomson23
"Very professional, high attention to detail, and awesome to work with. Highly recommend."
Anonymous client
"Great Job... again!"
Profile picturemike628o
"good work, we like it."
Profile picturemp.hafermalz
"Great work. Would work with again. "
Anonymous client
"Very Talented Designer - Fast and efficiant"
Profile picturemike628o
"Very talented designer and easy to work with. "
Profile picturechrisburdette
"Clean designs, quick to make changes if asked."
Profile picturedavid i
"Thank you so much"
Profile pictureamandamcclure
"Great site and great work! Definitely coming back :)"
Anonymous client
"Bien compris le sujet de l'affiche, et toutes les modifications demandées malgré le problème de la langue. Merci."
Profile pictureinfoKsn
"Good responsive designer, Bon designer, à l'écoute de nos projets"
Profile picturepohofer8
"Nice work. Thanks"
Profile picturejeremyenisD
"Erudite's fun, colourful poster design did a great job at meeting the design brief. This designer was easy to work with and very responsive to all feedback and changes."
Anonymous client
"Efficacité et réactivité! Un très bonne collaboration, je renouvellerais avec Erudite!"
Profile picturemonicpicard
"Great job, responses were timely"
Anonymous client
"Good job, available and quick to react"
Profile picturepohofer8
"Intuitive artist knew what I was looking for!"
Anonymous client
"Awesome work and so receptive to revisions. Would definitely work with again!"
Profile picturelshooshani
"Easy to work with and took the initiative to provide additional work that was exactly what I wanted. Would recommend or use again!"
Profile picturemichelle.montgomery
"Easy to work with and understood the brief fully. Would work with this designer again. Loved the finished canvas."
Profile picturestevebrown99
"Erudite did an amazing job with idea & design for my single release. Will look to work again soon."
Profile picturejamessaliacosmusic
"Thank you, well done!"
Profile picturesfillebrown
"Erudite did a great job for us. He/she understand that we wanted a well designed poster but also one that conveyed information to our customers in a condensed manner. He/she went out of their way to submit multiple improvements. I will definitely recom..."
Anonymous client
"Terrific to work with!! "
Profile pictureonefootskinny
"Great to work with, quick and really takes on board your ideas works collaboratively amazing thank you."
Profile picturetownsendproductions
"This guy is really good and Professional, I enjoyed working with him and look forward to doing so again."
Profile picturetotalpetcare
"Great design. Quick response to changes. A pleasure to work with."
Profile pictureDistortion Field
"I was the weak link in this engagement! I pulled the trigger on the project before I was truly ready. There were days that went by that I didn't have time or connectivity to check in. But, when I did, there were always new things for me to review. The w..."
Anonymous client
"This Designer was great to work with and we like the design."
Profile picturekaren.jones
"Great design and communication"
Profile pictureDerek x
"Great job - easy to work with, great ad."
Profile picturejhallv
"Wonderful working with Noli. She listens, taking feedback well to quickly revise multiple formats. Love the final design. "
Profile picturepcolemano
"Was a pleasure to work with Noli. Great design work, along with quick responses to questions and requests for changes."
Anonymous client
"Great designer. Easy to work with, quick to respond. Excellent work."
Profile picturejhallv