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Country: Egypt. Member since: November 28, 2009
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"Always a pleasure to work with Red Flood. He is reliable and gifted!"
Profile picture2NVaLE reviewed over 1 year ago
"The visuals proposed by RedFlood are always very interesting, he is very professional and the deadlines are respected. He adapts very quickly to our feedbacks. I recommend him! "
Profile picture2NVaLE reviewed almost 2 years ago
"it is my pleasure to work with you and hope we can work again :)"
Profile pictureRED FLOOD responded almost 2 years ago
"Always a pleasure to work with Red Flood: gifted, reliable, professional. I highly recommand this great designer!"
Profile picture2NVaLE reviewed over 2 years ago
"Excellent work, as usual We are so glad to work with Red Flood!"
Profile picture2NVaLE reviewed about 3 years ago
"Great work again ! Thanks a lot for the designs, we are VERY happy :)"
Profile picture2NVaLE reviewed over 3 years ago